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An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Arts and Management .

We create innovative, cutting-edge skill-building programs that help people learn automatically, and also bring them out of their “Unconscious Incompetence”. We develop new methodologies & technologies for this.

Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Let us meet on ‘Let’s Meet’ page.

Espoir Anthem

World’s No.1 in Content-based Instruction* & Simulation

*The Only Way for an Adult to Acquire English Skills!

-An Espoir Worldwide Initiative-

Acquire Professional, Inspiring English Skills, Now!

A person who conveys his wisdom through wits is welcome everywhere. Why not become a force that is liked by everyone? Develop superior language skills through the funniest, cleverest and most insightful stories, quotations & anecdotes from Management & Success Topics.

SMART English  Through  Technology & Science

Through inspiring stories, curious facts, stunning anecdotes, mesmerizing accounts of tenacity, perseverance, patience and absolute heroism, you acquire superior English skills! Become a technical professional who can inspire and lead a team to innovations!

Details / Buy Details / Buy Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom Smart English through Technology & Science Details / Buy Details / Buy Smart Communication through Management Ideas Smart English through Cricket. Details / Buy
Smart English through Movies Smart English through Career Building Ideas Details / Buy Details / Buy Smart English through Love & Romance Smart English through Success Secrets

If you can’t Convincingly reason, Argue with dignity, Negotiate, Persuade, Motivate, and Inspire others in English, most companies even doubt the validity of your educational qualifications.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, a global team of 52 industry professionals decided to step in – to find the root cause of failures, and to formulate a sustainable solution, that transforms ordinary into extra-ordinary.

SMART Communication  Through  Wit & Wisdom SMART Communication  Through  Management Ideas SMART English  Through  Cricket SMART English  Through  Movies SMART English  Through  Career Building Ideas SMART English  Through  Success Secrets SMART English  Through  Love & Romance

If you love cricket, enjoy automatic learning up to GRE/GMAT level! Through stories of heroic moments, Success Stories, Cliffhanger matches, Players, Umpires, Stadiums, Gossips, Cricketing laws, Politics, etc, you also also get to know inspiring management lessons, that hidden behind cricket!

Through 125 crucial management concepts currently applied in the industry, and through thousands of success stories, anecdotes & apt quotations of experts, this unique product builds powerful English & Communication lessons! Why not excel in industry & society?

Careers are built - brick by brick. And, communication ability holds the bricks together. A brilliant product that helps you acquire cutting-edge English skills through the contemporary concept of business excellence. Helps you build a career quicker!

Movies mirror real life situations. Here is an opportunity to develop cutting-edge English skills through movie-plots, dialogues, biographies of actors, directors, producers and other key film-makers, success stories, gossips, etc. etc. A true offer no movie fan can refuse!

If love can melt hearts, it can also help you develop excellent English skills. Languages are expressions of emotions and are absorbed through heart! Exploit the power of your heart to your professional advantage! This program utilizes the power of the most intimate themes. Why not Love, Enjoy and Learn?

Success Secrets of Real Successful people, Inspiring and persuasive examples include apt Quotations, Anecdotes, stories, & facts. Also find Goal Setting, Career Planning, Time Management, People management, Project Management, Marketing, etc used to describe key lessons.

97% of professionally qualified people fail because of one reason - English deficiency.

Studies have confirmed a well-known secret: ‘Most English / Communication Programs fail’.

Cognitive Educational Psychology cites the reason: An adult can acquire a second language only through a theme he/she is interested in. In technical terms, this methodology is termed Content-based Instruction / Theme-based Learning, Idea-based Learning etc.

European Commission has already instructed member countries to follow Content-based Instruction. Others follow.

We are World’s No.1 in Content-based Instruction. More Products, More users.

The Magic!

The Magic!

The Magic!

The Magic!

The Magic!

The Magic!

The Magic!

The Magic!

For Ambitious Professionals from Technical/Science fields, and Students.

For Leaders, CEOs, Lead Managers, & Smart Parents of Teenagers.

For Executives, Managers, Management Students & Entrepreneurs.

For Ambitious Professionals, Managers & Students who Love Cricket.

For Ambitious Professionals, Managers, Housewives, Students who Love Movies.

For Ambitious Professionals, Managers, Housewives, and Final Year Students.

For Ambitious Managers, Housewives, Students who are Really Young at Heart.

For Ambitious Managers, Housewives, Students who look for Success in Life.

“Espoir Theme-based English Programs do much more than English or Communication skills development….A whole finishing school in a box!

Personalization: AI Technology to identify weak points & help you correct them quickly!

Body-language Recording as in a Mirror. It fine-tines language, emotions & body-language.

Spoken English Simulation. For real-time thinking, formulating answers & smart delivery.

If you can’t quickly Search through information, Pan for the right ideas , Grasp the essence, Deduce an actionable inference, and Inspire your team to take actions, no progressive company will entrust important responsibilities to you.

Content Based Instruction + Realistic Spoken English Simulation

And, here is the result of our six years of efforts. Why not benefit from it?

In real life, ‘English deficiency’ silently kills careers - and it leads to frustrations, depre- ssions & even suicides. At the same time, the official, Grammar-oriented Oxford/Cambridge style English training programs miserably fail to help the needy.

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

Cutting-edge Technologies & Innovative Execution!

Faster Learning, Longer Retention & Quicker Retrieval!

Builds Language, Personality and Success Together!

Key Features Key Benefits Key Results Quick Benefits from Smart Innovations:

Interactive Tests: Concretizing Crucial skills in Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking!


Knowledge Max + English Max

‘A High Way And A Low’

And, Through Which Way You Want to Go?

Content-based Instruction Methodology: The only way for adults to acquire English skills.

Core Contents

Core Contents

Core Contents

Core Contents

Core Contents

Core Contents

Core Contents

Core Contents

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

PLUS! Realistic Spoken English Simulator!

Core Function of Spoken English Simulator.

Simulation - Demo

Why can’t most people convincingly speak (in) English even after 16 years of education in English?

Many Firsts…

Communicate Your Ideas & Inspire Action!

Quick Facts: Highway-Low

Ever Wondered


Want to Know Why?

Speech is a natural process. Similarly, ‘Speaking English’ must become a natural process for you.

That means, ‘Spontaneity, the ‘Ability to think on your feet, and Presence of mind should become part of your reflex. Only a Simulator can ensure this!

“Now you know, why most people don’t acquire the key speaking abilities  from ordinary spoken English classes!”

Spoken English Simulator

According to Cognitive Educational Psychology, “A second language (e.g. English) can be learned only through a theme you are interested in, or passionate about.”

All other methods waste Time, Money, Energy, & Good Opportunities of Life!

“Now you know, why all other English & Communication training programs don’t give expected results!”

Content-based Instruction:

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